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Atlantic Canada Skating Championships – Schedule

Riverview STAR 1-3 Competition – Schedule and Start Orders

Please find below the order of skate and schedule for the Riverview STAR 1 – 3 on Sunday March 24th


Order of Skate 

Truro Skate with a Champion 2019


Lee Barkell, World and Olympic Figure Skating Coach,  is hosting Truro Skate with a Champion 2019!

Lee is one of Canada’s most sought-after coaches. He is currently coaching Gabrielle Daleman and Stephen Gogolev, and has coached many talented skaters in the past including Jeffrey Buttle and Nobunari Oda.  

This year’s event is a great complement to last year’s event with Patrick Chan. Last year, skaters and coaches got to hang out with one of Canada’s most beloved and accomplished figure skaters. This year, it is all about having training time with one of Canada’s greatest coaches.

The event is open for skaters from Star 2 through competitive levels and promises to be spectacular. Lee’s seminars are among the best on offer. It will be a very full day that includes two hours of ice sessions with Lee for each group. And, of course, we are lining up some high quality off-ice sessions for you.

Truro Skate with a Champion: Lee Barkell
Saturday, April 6, 2019
Time TBA
Colchester Legion Stadium, Truro, NS
Registrar: Sarah Morris

The promotional poster is attached.


Registration is now open:

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you register for the correct program, based on your skating level. There is a program for Star 2-4 skaters, one for Star 5-7 skaters, one for Star 8-10 plus Competitive Skaters, and one program for coaches.

I understand from our Uplifter friends that you will be required to create an account in order to register if you don’t already have an account on our site. Payment is only available by credit card when you register online. If you wish to pay another way, please contact me.


Follow us at and, as soon as they’re ready, you can check out the event pages so you have the latest information on the event. Once you’re registered, you will receive a confirmation. You will also be put on an email list and this will be the primary means of communication about Truro Skate with a Champion: Lee Barkell. Please check your email often!

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Truro Skate with a Champion 2019: Lee Barkell!

2019 Canada Winter Games Photos

Canada Games Results


Jessica Lynn Cranton – Special Olympics Level III Ladies – SILVER

Scott Denyes – Special Olympics Level III Men – SILVER

Alyssa Cross – Novice Ladies – 8th

Kayla Deveau – Novice Ladies – 16th

Parker Clements – Novice Men – 8th

Tye Dacey – Novice Men – 9th

Jailyn Elliott/Dawson Munro – Pre-Novice Dance – 8th

Brooke Pennington – Pre-Novice Ladies – 13th

Cate McKee – Pre-Novice Ladies – 16th

Jacob Cote – Pre-Novice Men – 8th

Cameron Phillip Boulter – Pre-Novice Men – 10th

Full Results

Results – Provincial STARSkate

 Gold Women – Details 

 Gold Women Interpretive – Details

 Juvenile Women U12 – Details

 Juvenile Women U14 – Details

 Open Team Elements

 Pre-Juvenile Men – Details

 Pre-Juvenile Women U11 – Details

Pre-Juvenile Women U13 – Details

Silver Women Interpretive – Details

 STAR4 Girls Elements  

 STAR4 Girls O13 

 STAR4 Girls U10 

 STAR4 Girls U13 

 STAR4 Team Elements

 STAR5 Men – Details

 STAR5 Team Elements

 STAR5 Women Elements 

 STAR5 Women O13 – Details

 STAR5 Women U10 – Details

 STAR5 Women U13 – Details

 STAR6 Women – Details

 STAR7 WomenDetails

 STAR8 Women – Details

 STAR9 Women – Details

 STAR10 Women – Details

WATCH LIVE – Canada Games Figure Skating

Central Regional SYNCHRO Clinic

Central Regional Synchro Clinic March 18th ALL are Welcome!

Please find below the uplifter link and facebook event to the Central Region Synchro Clinic on March 18 from 5-8 PM at the Sackville Sports Stadium?

Registration costs $15 and is for anyone from stage 4 Canskate to 17 years of age.

We will have on ice with Fallis Thompson and Emma Smith, off ice and a interactive classroom activities engaging in the sport and getting skaters excited about synchro.[]=6&sort=sku

Start Orders – Provincials

 Beginner I Synchro 

 Elementary Synchro 

 Gold Women 

 Gold Women Interpretive 

 Introductory Women Interpretive 

 Juvenile Women U12 

 Juvenile Women U14 

 Open Team Elements

 Pre-Introductory Women Interpret 

 Pre-Juvenile Men 

 Pre-Juvenile Women 

 Pre-Juvenile Women U13 

 Silver Women Interpretive 

 STAR4 Girls Elements 

 STAR4 Girls O13 

 STAR4 Girls U10 

 STAR4 Girls U13 

 STAR4 Team ELements

 STAR5 Men 

 STAR5 Team Elements 

 STAR5 Women Elements 

 STAR5 Women O13 

 STAR5 Women U10 

 STAR5 Women U13 

 STAR6 Women 

 STAR7 Women 

 STAR8 Women 

 STAR9 Women 

 STAR10 Women 




Atlantic Canada Skating Championships

 The ATLANTIC CANADA SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS  will take place March 29th to 31st 2019  at the East Hants Sportsplex in                         Lantz, Nova Scotia. 

Technical Package

Schedule   (Including Practice Schedule)

Start Orders


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