FOREWORD ……to the 2012-14 Strategic Plan


Several years ago, the Board of Directors of Skate Canada Nova Scotia set

out to develop a Strategic Plan to provide direction to the Board and to the

various Committees in their operational activities. It was also felt that a

strategic plan would provide transparency to our members in terms of

what the organization was trying to accomplish for our sport.

After a number of scrambled attempts, we were fortunate to have Dan

Walmsley come to our rescue. Working with the Board members, Dan

helped us organize our thoughts and ideas, and was able to guide us to the

2012-14 Strategic Plan we have today. As noted in the Introduction, this

document is a “living” document to be reviewed on a regular basis.

Priorities may be adjusted, new goals may be added and others may be

deleted, all actions which may be affected by numerous factors beyond

Board control.

Implementation and success of this plan are key to the organization’s

future and to the future of skating in Nova Scotia.

I would personally like to thank Dan Walmsley for his time and

patience and for his leadership role in this initiative. I would also

like to thank every Board member (past and present) for their time

and commitment and for their open and honest discussion in the

creation of this document.


Skate Canada Strategic Plan

Updated Action Plan Progress Reports ( March 2014)


Terry Ackles

Section Chair, Skate Canada Nova Scotia