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2020 Support4Sport Sport Nova Scotia Awards – Skating Nominees

Skate Canada Nova Scotia was very proud to nominate the following persons for the 2020 Support4Sport Sport Nova Scotia Awards:

Coach –  Charleen Cameron, You don’t necessarily have to go away to be successful. Charleen set out to make that point, creating a pair team that stays and trains in Nova Scotia — and the results are impressive. Gabrielle Levesque and Pier-Alexandre Hudon have earned two national bronze medals and placed 15th at Junior Worlds while training under coach Charleen. Now, five new young pair teams are training in Nova Scotia.

Official –  Gregor MacLean, A former successful skater, Gregor has been giving back to the skating community for more than 35 years at both the Provincial and National levels. He’s a national level referee and judge, provincial level technical controller & technical specialist, diamond & gold evaluator and data specialist. Gregor has officiated at many national competitions, used to name world and Olympic team members, as well as multiple Canada Games, where one of the most meaningful events for him is the Special Olympic category.

Volunteer – Rozanne Raine, Rozanne has been giving back to the skating community for the past 35 years.

All skating officials are volunteers and give their time for the training necessary to give even more time when test days and competitions happen. Rozanne is a gold evaluator and junior level judge doing almost every competition and test day that has been held in Nova Scotia this year. In addition, she has coordinated both the attendance of other officials at these events and their training.

Junior Female Athlete – Katelyn Li, Katelyn made huge strides in her skating development this past season. She was a double-winner at the Provincial Championships, winning both the U12 and Star 7 categories. Katelyn trains at the Mariposa East Skating Centre in Pictou County.

Junior Male Athlete – Leo Mont , Leo competed at the highest level for Pre Juvenile, attending the Skate Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Championships. He won in pre juvenile and Star 7 categories. Leo, who trains at the Bedford Skating Club, has shown tremendous growth in his skating development.

Senior Female Athlete – Cate McKee, Cate took her skating to a new level this past season. She came first out of 14 to win the Nova Scotia Pre Novice Sectional Championship, which gave her the opportunity to compete at the 2020 Challenge Competition in Edmonton. Cate’s score has gone from 79.56 to 93.54 in just three months — a huge accomplishment. Cate trains at the Dartmouth Skating Club.

Senior Male Athlete – Jacob Cote, Jacob is the Sectionals Pre Novice Men’s Champion, which gave him the opportunity to compete at the 2020 Challenge in Edmonton.  Jacob made tangible improvements in his skating. His score has gone from 79.65 to 85.83, a huge jump in just three months. Jacob trains at the Dartmouth Skating Club.

Sport Nova Scotia will not be able to  hold their regular Support4Sport Awards Banquet this year due to COVID.

All the nominees will have their awards mailed to them and be recognized in the yearly program.

This is a safe alternative while still recognizing all the wonderful people involved in our Nova Scotia sport community.



SCNS COVID Response Plan June 18th 2020

Great news from our Provincial Government today. Proves that we have all been doing great work at flattening the curve!

Please see the update to the Skate Canada Nova Scotia COVID – 19 Response Plan as of July 18th 2020. 

The change to the Plan is in regards to the number of persons allowed on the ice.

As of Monday June 22nd 2020 the number of skaters/coaches allowed on a session is:

10 without social distancing

Maximum 15 with social distancing

If you are going to be having 10 people without social distancing, then those 10 people should be consistent.

All other measures remain in place.

Return to Ice Information

Skate Canada Nova Scotia is very pleased that the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage have approved our Return to Ice documents and therefore we are happy that our skaters can begin to get back on the ice.

Below are all the documents that needed to be reviewed.

Please remember that all signatures on documents must be returned to Skate Canada Nova Scotia before skaters/coaches step on the ice.


Return to Skating Skate Canada May 11th 2020

SCNS COVID Response Plan June 1st 2020

Return to Ice Request June 1st 2020

Session Record



Skate Canada Nova Scotia would like to up date clubs and coaches on what is happening with the Return to Play in the Skating World in Nova Scotia.

SCNS has been in contact with Dr. Robert Strang and Skate Canada.

Dr Strang was very cautious as to the return to play and facilities being opened for sports other than those that opened this past Saturday.  He was very strong in his statement that 28 days is what at this point in time for the duration between opening up additional sports.  He did say that any team outdoor sports would be working on skill development rather than games this summer.  As this progresses, things are in an ever changing environment as we learn more.

Skate Canada today, spoke on the variety of restrictions and return to play across Canada………….we are very different and everything is still up in the air in so many different ways.  Skate Canada will be developing a waiver when clubs do open for COVID

While we are all hoping to get back on the ice as soon as possible the following things are out of our control:

  • In Nova Scotia we are still under the Emergency Act which limits any gathering to no more than 5 persons.
  • Physical distancing of 6 feet is still in place.
  • All clubs will need to follow the guidelines that will be created for each individual facility as the floor plan of each facility is so different.


Ice Sports Meetings:

Brad Taylor who is on our Ice Sport Committee is dealing with the facilities as to what each facility has the capacity to do with respect to having people in their buildings.  This has ranged from quite ready to get going to may not be able to reopen until things are back to normal. As an Ice Sport Committee we are realizing that the numbers on the ice for all sports will possibly be much lower than what we are use to, and therefore much more costly for the skaters concerned.  Therefore, one of our investigations will be into lowering ice costs.  All this being said facilities will either need help from outside supports for finances,  guaranteed hours of ice usage for a determined fee or what is needed for reopening.  Michelle Aucoin, with the Province of Nova Scotia will be on our call on Friday.


We will continue to update as new information becomes available and/or is created.



Skate Canada Annual General Meeting Saturday May 30th Information

On Saturday May 30th at 11:00 am, Atlantic time, Skate Canada will be holding their Annual General Meeting on line.

Every Club and Coach has a vote to be carried.

Please see below regarding instructions on how to register your vote.

If you are not intending as a club to use your vote, but still wish for it to be counted there are a number of persons on our Skate Canada Nova Scotia Board who would be happy to cast your vote and let your voice be heard.

Please declare your intent so that Skate Canada knows you will be there as part of the quorum, or let me know that you would like someone to represent your vote.



How to declare as a delegate or observer to the Annual General Meeting:

To attend the Annual General Meeting on Saturday, May 30, 2020 at 10:00 Eastern Time (ET), all observers and voting delegates must declare their intention to attend and if applicable vote prior to 09:00 (ET) on Saturday, May 30, 2020.

Delegates: Skate Canada Professional Coaches, club delegates and skating school administrators must declare their voting intention prior to 09:00 (ET) Saturday, May 30, 2020.  Once voting declaration is submitted and accepted by the professional coach, club or skating school a token will be issued by email. The token will be required to sign into the meeting and to vote at designated voting times.

Observers: Those entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) must declare their intention prior to 09:00 (ET) Saturday, May 30, 2020. Once observer declaration is submitted and accepted a token will be issued by email.  The token will be required to sign into the meeting.

Note:  All meeting attendance tokens and/or voting tokens must be issued prior to 09:00 (ET) on Saturday, May 30.


Please note that two important webinars will be held in advance of the AGM. They will be recorded and available to view after the initial broadcast. It is strongly recommended that all attendees view these webinars to address as many questions as possible in advance of the AGM. Check back here for links to these webinars.

  1. Proposed Bylaw Amendments: May 20, 2020, 1:00 pm ET
  2. Finance Report: May 26, 2020, 1:00 pm ET


2020 Board of Directors Elections






SCNS AGM Information

Today, May 2/2020 was going to be Skate Canada Nova Scotia’s Annual General Meeting.

Skate Canada Nova Scotia has made the decision to hold off until the fall and we are hoping that Saturday, September 12th will be the new date, if our province is healthy by then.

Please find below the minutes from last year’s AGM, Confirmation of the Actions taken by the Board, the Chair’s & ED report and the Wall of Fame Skaters.

Remember that the Skate Canada Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Saturday May 30th at 11:00, you can register on the Skate Canada website as a delegate now.

We will send out more information when our province gets to a new normal on Skate Canada Nova Scotia’s Annual General Meeting, Nominations for Board positions and Competition bids.

AGM 2019 Minutes

Annual Report Chair’s & ED 2019 2020

Confirmation of Actions Taken by SCNS 




SCNS List of Nominees and Award Winners

May 2nd was to be our day when Skate Canada Nova Scotia celebrates all those who were nominated and have won awards this season.

Unfortunately we can not be together in person to celebrate those who make skating great in Nova Scotia, but we still wish to recognize those who were nominated.

It is our intention to be together to award certificates September 12th, but as the rest of life that will be dependant on the health of our province.

Congratulations to all those who have been nominated, attached is the list of nominees for each award.


Nominees for Program Assistant of the Year

Nominees for Section Club Coach Award

Nominees for Volunteer Award of Excellence

Nominees for Volunteer Coach of the Year

Nominees for Section Competitive Coach Award

Nominees for Overlooked Person

Nominees for Section Volunteer Award 2

Nominees for Competitive Skaters of the Year

Nominees for Section Official of the Year

Nominees for STARSkater of the Year

Nominees for CanSkater of the Year

Nominees for STARSkater of the Year


For information on the criteria for each Award please go to


The Awards Committee met on February 18th and the following winners were selected.  Their decision is always a difficult one as we have so many deserving people in each category.


There are no winners selected for the CanSkater and Program Assistant Awards as they are all winners every time they step on the ice in our grassroots program where it all begins.


Volunteer Award of Excellence                        

Rozanne Raine

Section Volunteer                                        

Susan Higdon

Official Award of Excellence                             

Gregor MacLean

Section Official Award                                        

Terrie Logue

Club Coach                                                           

Charleen Cameron

Volunteer Coach                                                 

Rob Fraser

Competitive Coach                                             

Kyla Upton

STARSkater of the Year                                      

Peyton Crowe

Competitive Skater of the Year                        

Jacob Cote

Overlooked Person                                             

Adam Meisner



Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) launched the new Safe Sport Training

Please see the below regarding Safe Sport Training for the Coaching Association of Canada. 

Completion of this will give you 2 professional Development point in the Locker, appropriate for coaches of all sports.

In early April, the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) launched the new Safe Sport Training to align with the new Universal Code of Conduct to prevent and address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS).

 The free, 90-minute module will equip your coaches, administrators, and volunteers with the knowledge to recognize, address, and prevent maltreatment in sport. In addition, the CAC has created tools and resources to help you embed Safe Sport principles throughout your organization.

 Safe Sport Training is available in both official languages, meets accessibility guidelines, and works on any platform or device. Certified coaches will earn two Professional Development points upon completing the module.

Creating a sport culture where everyone can thrive is everyone’s responsibility. Safe Sport Training developed by the Coaching Association of Canada helps you play your part.

Learn more about Safe Sport Training from the CAC at the new Safe Sport Microsite or access the module directly in the Locker e-learning area.

Safe Sport Training Flyer





C 902.471.1770 W CSCATLANTIC.CA




COVID 19 Information


In the ever changing environment of COVID – 19 please see the below message from Jamie Ferguson CEO of Sport Nova Scotia, with the recommendation that all sports activities be cancelled for the next 3 weeks.

If anyone needs to contact Skate Canada Nova Scotia, they can do so  via e-mail ( ) or phone 902-223-3558.

Wash your hands, keep a safe distance from people and stay healthy.



Dear Provincial Sport Organizations,

Following the most recent information provided by the Province of Nova Scotia regarding COVID-19, it is our strong recommendation that provincial sport organizations cancel all sports activities that were planned for March Break and the following two weeks after the break. Sport Nova Scotia staff are now required to work from home if they have the ability to do so, and we recommend that our provincial sport organization staff members do the same.

Please see the message (below) that went to all SNS staff and take note that Ceilidh & Casino and the education session that was scheduled for this week are now cancelled. For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19, please keep an eye on the Province of Nova Scotia website.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and keep you informed as we receive updates.

Take care,

Jamie Ferguson,                                                                                                                    CEO Sport Nova Scotia                                                                                                      5516 Spring Garden Road                                                                                           Halifax, NS B3J 1G6                                                                                                              (902) 425-5450, ext. 315



COVID 19 Update from Skate Canada NS

Given the recent developments of COVID -19,  below is Skate Canada Nova Scotia’s position at this time (the Federal Government will be making additional statements this afternoon which may change this). 

The following events will be cancelled and full refunds given within two weeks:

  • 2020 Atlantic Canada Skating Championships March 27th to 29th
  • STAR 1-3 Mariposa April 4th


Skate Canada’s AGM will be postphoned until further notice with Celebration On Ice cancelled.

All gatherings of 250 people or more must be cancelled which will impact Ice Shows and the Karen Norman.

Direction should be taken from the attached release from Dr Robert Strang.

It is with the health and safety of our members as our priority that we regretfully have made these decisions.

As of now Club Sessions and Test Days are left up to the decision for the organizers/clubs.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Stay healthy by washing hands regularly and keeping your distance from others.

COVID – 19 Dept of Health Memo



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