November Team Challenge

We are excited to present the  November Team Challenge (there will not be a December one due to the Holidays).

NOVEMBER 2020 Team Challenge Event

Skate Canada Nova Scotia was thrilled with the response for the October Team Challenge. There was 78 teams in total representing 9 different clubs.

The October Challenges were assessed on Sunday by our officials and ribbons will be sent out shortly to all skaters through their clubs/coaches.


There are 2 examples of well done submissions below.

When sending in your videos, there are 2 acceptable options.

As in Option #3 Dartmouth The STARBursts all skaters are on the same session and do the elements one after the other.

Option #3 Dartmouth The STARBursts

In Option#5 Halivali Team #1 skaters are on different sessions and they are combined into 1 video submission.

Option #5 Halivali Team


Six different events are:

OPTION 1                                      

Waltz Jump 

Upright spin 

Forward spiral  


OPTION 2                                    


 sit spin                                              

Backward Spiral                       




Camel Spin

Step sequence ½ice


OPTION 4                                                                           

Double Salchow                                                           

Combination spin (no CCoSp)                   

Spiral Sequence (F and B)                                          



Double Flip

Change Combination spin

360  Field Move



Double Toe Combination

Flying Spin

Choreo Sequence