SCNS List of Nominees and Award Winners

May 2nd was to be our day when Skate Canada Nova Scotia celebrates all those who were nominated and have won awards this season.

Unfortunately we can not be together in person to celebrate those who make skating great in Nova Scotia, but we still wish to recognize those who were nominated.

It is our intention to be together to award certificates September 12th, but as the rest of life that will be dependant on the health of our province.

Congratulations to all those who have been nominated, attached is the list of nominees for each award.


Nominees for Program Assistant of the Year

Nominees for Section Club Coach Award

Nominees for Volunteer Award of Excellence

Nominees for Volunteer Coach of the Year

Nominees for Section Competitive Coach Award

Nominees for Overlooked Person

Nominees for Section Volunteer Award 2

Nominees for Competitive Skaters of the Year

Nominees for Section Official of the Year

Nominees for STARSkater of the Year

Nominees for CanSkater of the Year

Nominees for STARSkater of the Year


For information on the criteria for each Award please go to


The Awards Committee met on February 18th and the following winners were selected.  Their decision is always a difficult one as we have so many deserving people in each category.


There are no winners selected for the CanSkater and Program Assistant Awards as they are all winners every time they step on the ice in our grassroots program where it all begins.


Volunteer Award of Excellence                        

Rozanne Raine

Section Volunteer                                        

Susan Higdon

Official Award of Excellence                             

Gregor MacLean

Section Official Award                                        

Terrie Logue

Club Coach                                                           

Charleen Cameron

Volunteer Coach                                                 

Rob Fraser

Competitive Coach                                             

Kyla Upton

STARSkater of the Year                                      

Peyton Crowe

Competitive Skater of the Year                        

Jacob Cote

Overlooked Person                                             

Adam Meisner