2021 FallSkate Information – November 20th and 21st

Due to the wonderful response to FALLSKATE registration, registration will be closed at 10:00 am Wednesday October 20th .

Thanks to all those who have registered thus far and look forward to watching some amazing in Liverpool.


Skate Canada Nova Scotia is excited to share the announcement for the 2021 FallSkate hosted by the Queens County Blades and Bridgewater Skating Clubs.


 Please see the below document for all details of the competition. 

Please note that for categories that require a planned program to be submitted they will now be done via e-mail toskatecanadans@sportnovascotia.ca no later that November 15th.

2021 FallSkate Announcement

 AGE PREREQUISITES:  For competitors entering the requirements for age are as of July 1st 2021. 

Skaters may ‘skate-up’ one level above their test qualifications in STARSkate singles events only

Skaters may enter one singles short program and one singles free program.



All registration must be done online skatecanadans.uplifterinc.com beginning October 15th 2021 until October 22nd 2021 at 11:00 pm with payment at the time of registration by credit card.

Second event discount on short programs will only be give if both programs are registered at the same time.


Entry fees are:  


STAR 2  to Gold/Pre Juvenile/Juvenile/Adult/Special Olympic                                 $135.00 per skater

Second event short program                                                                                      $80.00

Artistic                                                                                                                         $80.00

STAR 1                                                                                                                       $90.00 per skater

Pre Juvenile Dance                                                                                                    $135.00 per team

Element Event                                                                                                            $40.00 per skater

Team Event                                                                                                                $40.00 per team