FABULOUS NEWS – KidSport Nova Scotia

Fabulous News for skaters wanting to join your club. KidSport funding has been almost doubled from $300.00 per year to $500.00 per year.

This funding can be for a combination of equipment and programs.

In the past season KidSport assisted 46 skaters in the amount of $11,862.85 which was down due to covid numbers allowed on the ice from 65 skaters in the amount of $16,177.45.

Details can be found below and at kidsportcanada.ca/novascotia .It is easy to apply!




On March 20, Premier Ian Rankin announced that the Province of Nova Scotia would be investing $5 million to make the Nova Scotia Sport sector more inclusive and accessible. With a focus on removing barriers like limited equipment and high-costs for programming, the funds will help broaden sport participation across the province.

KidSport received $2 million of this one-time funding and with that, they intend to make an even greater impact. For the next two years, KidSport Nova Scotia will increase their grant amounts from $300 to $500. They also forecast that they’ll be able to write cheques for 3,200 children per year, compared to a record of about 2,400 in previous years.

If you’re interested in learning more about KidSport, or applying for funding, please go to kidsportcanada.ca/novascotia for more information.


“The sport community has worked really hard throughout the pandemic to make sure Nova Scotians found safe ways to remain active. This funding will provide even more families with the opportunity watch their children participate in sports, and we’re very thankful that the province chose to prioritize sport.”
-Jamie Ferguson, Sport Nova Scotia CEO

“Having the provincial government invest in KidSport is an asset to the health and well-being of kids all across the province. Many parents have been impacted financially by COVID-19 and as safe sporting opportunities start to resume, we’re in a position to offer even more support to get kids back in the game. This is incredible news for parents, kids and community sport organizations in Nova Scotia.” 
-Colin Gillis, KidSport Coordinator


Quick Facts:

KidSport Nova Scotia:

  • KidSport Nova Scotia provides grants to help cover the costs of sport registration and equipment fees so that all kids aged 18 and under in Nova Scotia can play a season of sport. Managed and operated by Sport Nova Scotia since 1994, KidSport Nova Scotia has assisted over 31,000 children by granting over $7.7 million.
  •  KidSport grant amounts will increase from $300 to $500. The $500 total applies to the combination of registration and equipment fees. 
  •  Those who are applying for equipment grants only are now eligible to request the full $500.
  • This funding will allow KidSport support more children. KidSport aims to approve 3,200 applications each year for the next two years.


Sport Nova Scotia:

  • Sport Nova Scotia is a voice for amateur sport that promotes the benefits of health, personal development and achievement of all participants. We’re a non-profit, non-government organization representing approximately 60 provincial sport organizations and more than 160,000- member Nova Scotians.