NEW Covid Update

SCNS has received an update from Public Health and Sport Nova Scotia regarding Friday’s announcement and what it means for skaters, coaches, and officials who live in the restricted areas of HRM and surrounding communities. Our interpretation has been clarified …………below is the revised statement from Sport Nova Scotia.


We have received several questions about traveling throughout the province for sport activities. Nova Scotians are to avoid all non-essential travel within the province especially to and from the restricted areas of the Halifax Regional Municipality, up to and including Porter’s Lake and  the communities of Enfield, Elmsdale, Mount Uniacke and Hubbards. Please note that sport is not considered essential and travel in and out of the restricted areas is not permitted. These restrictions include those who would regularly travel to train.


SNS Communications


It was our aim to keep as many skaters as possible on the ice, we tried to seek clarity on this issue and were advised that skaters would be permitted to travel in and out of the restricted area to participate with their home club. We have since received information from Public Health that has contradicted that interpretation.

If a coach is traveling for income, that is allowed.

Assessment Days will continue to be held as long as the Evaluator and Club are in the same area.