COVID Updates

Update Feb 2021

Earlier today, the province announced an update to Public Health restrictions that affects the attendance in arenas.

Effective February 8th, spectators will be allowed in the arenas during skater’s ice times.

A maximum of 100 spectators will be permitted at facilities. However, the number of spectators permitted is subject to facility regulations and venues cannot exceed 50 percent capacity. Masks will be required as well as social distancing when not in the same bubble.

Spectators are not included in the group of 60 (skaters, coaches, etc.) field of play limit.

It will be up to each club as to how they, and the facility they are in, manage these spectator numbers.





Update January 29th. – As per the Government’s Covid Update, we are now allowed 60 persons on a skating session, which includes all skaters, program assistants, coaches or other support persons who would be located in the players bench.  There is still NO spectators allowed in the facility and as far as parents needed to put on skates, please check with your facility for restrictions.



SCNS would like to echo what Dr Strang said today, that we need to appreciate the fact that our skaters are allowed to be on the ice to practice and increase their skill development.

At this point in time, no events or competitions are allowed. This means, for us, no ice shows, assessment days or competitions until that restriction is lifted.

The Province of Nova Scotia’s announcement of December 16th remains in effect; the total number of people on the ice is 25 without social distancing and only 1 group.

The number of 25 would include all skaters, coaches and program assistants and is consistent with all previous regulations

No spectators in the arenas.

Please contact your facility with regards to parents bringing their skater into the arena and putting their skates on.

There were changes in today’s announcement to rotational workers:

Starting Friday, Jan. 15, testing will be mandatory for rotational workers who work outside Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

The details of all regulations by the Province can be found at 

We will continue to keep you informed of any updates as they become available.