2019 CanSkater Award

List of Winners

2019 Program Assistant Award

List of Winners

2019 Volunteer Coach Award                     

John Mattatall              

2019 Coach Award of Excellence                            

Charleen Cameron             

2019 Section Volunteer Award                  

Jodi Matlock – Mariposa East Skating School

2019 Volunteer Award of Excellence                      

Terry Ackles – Dalhousie Kings Skating Club

2019 Section Official Award                        

Jessica White – Amherst Skating Club

2019 CompetitiveSkate Award                  

Alyssa Cross – Halifax Skating Club

2019 STARSkater Award                               

Caroline Mayo – Dartmouth Skating Club 

2019 Overlooked Person                              

Janey Smith-Clattenburg – Queens County Blades

2019 Section Chair’s Award                         

Bill  Schurman – Town of Amherst