SC First Aid Policy

While the St. John’s Ambulance and Red Cross courses continue to be the preferred first aid courses, other courses may be considered for approval by Skate Canada Coaching staff and consequently be submitted for the purposes of certification and accreditation.

Courses other than St. John’s Ambulance or Red Cross must satisfy the following criteria in order to be approved:

  • Be between 6-8 hours in length;
  • Be First Aid related (CPR only courses will not be accepted)
  • Have an expiry of three years or less;
  • Must include a practical evaluation

First Aid for Health Care Professionals

Coaches who are an active member of a group of licensed health care professionals (e.g. fire fighters, nurses, chiropractors, physiotherapists, police, athletic therapists, etc.) are not required to complete an additional first aid course for the purposes of certification and accreditation. Skate Canada coaching staff will investigate these requests as they arise in order to determine if the coach’s previous first aid training does in fact meet the minimum criteria. These individuals must provide proof of their current employment license and/or certificate outlining the expiry date when registering as a Skate Canada Professional Coach.