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Be an important part of the Skate Canada Nova Scotia sponsor team.

We, at Skate Canada Nova Scotia, offer quality skating to Nova Scotians.

To become a Community Sport Leader, opportunities for sponsorship are available!


  • Title sponsor for Competitions: Sectionals (early November) andSTARSkate Provincials (late February) Competition
  • Room (i.e. Skater Room, Official Hospitality) or categorysponsorship (Skating event i.e. Junior Bronze) atcompetitions
  • NS Team Naming Rights
  • Team uniform and equipment Logos
  • Access to 4000 members province wide
  • Website acknowledgement with Company Logo (location in

banner separate from National Sponsors)

  • Position your company as a community sport leader.
  • Expose your brand to members and their families whoparticipate in our many programs, CanSkate, CanPowerSkate, STARSkate, CompetitiveSkate, AdultSkate, and SynchroSkate.
  • Talk Back – skaters responding to your Sponsorship present at public events **
  • Skater Tracking – stories of where they were and where they are now…**Skater consent or Parent approval required if skater is less than 18 years of age.Contact Skate Canada Nova Scotia 902-425-5454 ext 336