Skaters Code of Conduct


To encourage good sportsmanship from fellow skaters, coaches

officials and parents at all times.


To remember that skating is an opportunity to learn and have fun.


To remember that winning is achieving my own personal goals.


To deserve to skate in an environment that is free of drugs, tobacco

and alcohol and expect everyone to refrain from their use at all

skating events.


To do the best I can at each and every practice remembering that

all skaters have talents and weaknesses the same as I do.


To treat my coaches, other skaters and coaches, rink personnel,

volunteers and parents with respect at all times regardless of race,

sex, creed or ability and I will expect to be treated accordingly.


To concentrate on skating; always giving my best effort.


To control my temper at all times.


To always exercise self-control.


To adhere to the freestyle etiquette guidelines, right-of-way priority

rules and music playing protocol.