Annual Registration Renewal Info

The Skate Canada membership year runs from September 1 until August 31.  Anyone who is instructing skating full-time or part-time in any Skate Canada organization must be registered as a Skate Canada professional coach for the membership year in which he/she is coaching.  The coach must provide a copy of his/her current Skate Canada professional coach membership card to his/her Skate Canada organization prior to beginning instruction.

Continuous Education Program (CEP) Mandatory Requirement:

All Skate Canada Professional Coaches registering for the 2014-2015 membership season will be required to have earned a minimum of five CEP credits between September 1, 2012 and June 30, 2014.

CEP activities must be submitted for credits using the electronic form that is available in Members Only under Coaches > Continuous Education Program Online Form. Although the CEP cycle ended on June 30, 2014 coaches can submit their eligible activities past this date and prior to the new membership season. Coach registration fees and CEP – Fees are based on your CEP status at the time of registration.  In order for your CEP status fee to apply, you submit your CEP activities in Members Only as stated above at least four weeks prior to registering. Once you receive a confirmation email stating that your CEP status has been approved, please check your status on your Personal Profile found in Members Only prior to registering for the season to ensure that your status has been updated.  Please refer to the Coach Membership Fees found later in this document to determine your membership fee. No refunds will be issued once registration has been processed. 




1)    NCCP Qualifications

Your status in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) must be In-Training CanSkate Coach or higher (in-training, trained and/or certified) and a copy of your transcript, certificate or confirmation letter from your Section Course Administrator must be submitted to if not already on file.


2)  Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Online Evaluation

This online evaluation is mandated by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and is administered through its website at  Any questions regarding this online evaluation must be directed to the CAC at  Reference material for the Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation is available in Members Only under Coaches > NCCP > NCCP Make Ethical Decisions.  Once this has been successfully completed, you must submitted a copy of your MED evaluation results to unless already on file.  If you are a new coach you must complete the Instruction Stream MED module.  If you are a returning coach who has not yet fulfilled this requirement you must complete the Competition-Introduction MED module.


3)    First Aid Certification

A copy of your valid first aid certificate must be submitted to unless already on file.  Note that only first aid (not CPR) is acceptable.  Refer to the attached Skate Canada First Aid Certification Policy for more information. 


4)  Screening

All Skate Canada professional coaches 18 years of age or older must complete screening through BackCheck.  No other criminal background checks will be accepted.  BackCheck’s screening is valid for three years.  Coaches who have not reached the age of 18 years at the time of registration will need to contact and will then have until one month after their 18th birthday to complete the screening.  Once completed, BackCheck will notify Skate Canada directly.  Complete this screening now at:


5) Photo Upload

Log into Members Only and click on Personal Profile at the top of the screen then click on UPLOAD NEW PICTURE.  BROWSE your files for your photo and then click on UPLOAD.

Specifications for photos are:

  • Photos must be a close-up of the head and shoulders so that the face covers at least 75% of the photo
  • Photo size must be portrait orientation and approximately 37 mm (1 1/2 in.) wide by 50 mm (2 in.) long
  • Photos must be clear, sharp and in focus
  • No sunglasses or hats are permitted in the photos
  • Colour photos on a single-coloured background are preferred

Photos that do not meet the specifications will automatically be removed.  This will result in your receiving a professional coach membership card without a photo.


All Skate Canada professional coaches will receive a professional coach membership card upon registration. Note that a photo must be uploaded into your Personal Profile in Members Only BEFORE registering.



Coach membership fees are based on your status in the Continuous Education Program (CEP) at the time of registration.  In order for your CEP status to be updated in time Statement of Qualifying Activities forms must be submitted to Skate Canada’s Coaching Department at least four weeks prior to registration.  Please refer to the following chart for the applicable registration fee.


Total Applicable Registration Fees

Province of Residence CEP Compliant (5 credits) CEP Bronze Status CEP Silver Status CEP Gold Status
MB and ON $150.94 $135.94 $120.94 $105.94
QC $151.23 $136.23 $121.23 $106.23
All Others $148.65 $133.65 $118.65 $103.65 

Registration fees consist of membership fees, insurance fees and applicable taxes.  The chart below outlines the registration fees.


Breakdown of Registration Fees

Membership Fees:

CEP Compliant (5 credits) $120.00
CEP Bronze status (15 credits) $105.00
CEP Silver status (40 credits) $90.00
CEP Gold Status (70 credits) $75.00


Insurance Fees:

Accident Insurance $ 0.65
Liability Insurance $28.00


Tax on Insurance Fees (MB, ON, and QC only):

Manitoba 8% RST $2.29
Ontario 8% PST $2.29
Quebec 9% QST $2.58



Submit any required documents and/or updates by email to prior to registration. Certification requirement review can take up to 10 business days. Once reviewed and accepted you will automatically see your online profile updated and you will be able to proceed with online registration.


Online Registration 

  • Log into your Personal Profile in Members Only
  • Ensure all of the information listed is correct
  • Enter the organizations where you coach by clicking on < ORGS WHERE COACHING>
  • Click on  < Register > and follow the prompts

Online registration is processed by Member Services within two business days. Once complete, your professional coach membership card will be mailed to you.  You may also print your proof of coaching registration by logging into Members Only and clicking on Personal Profile > Proof of Coaching Registration to access it.  Remember to keep a close eye on first aid and screening expiry dates.  You must ensure that these items are renewed before they expire so that your coaching membership stays active!