Star 1- 3 Competition Announcement – Updated – Start Orders


Registration – February 24 – 29th


Skater List

Start Orders

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Hosted by the Bedford and Halifax Skating Club

REGISTRATION WILL BE LIVE February 24-29, 2024 at All entries must be completed online through the Skate Nova Scotia Uplifter link. NO late entries will be accepted. NO refunds will be issued for any reason including medical. Entries are accepted on a first come first served basis and if the competition is full registration will be closed without notice. Registering on your cell phone is not advised as the program is not designed to work with that format. 

Entry fees are: 

STAR 1 $100.00 per skater 

STAR 2 $140.00 per skater 

STAR 3 $140.00 per skater 

STAR 2/3 Pattern Dance $100.00 per skater/team 

Synchro Star 3 $75 per team 

Payment by credit card only at the time of registration. Late entries will not be accepted. Refunds will not be issued. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis.