2023 FallSkate Competition Results

Please find below the results from the this years’ FallSkate competition results.

Artistic Gold ResultsDetails

Artistic Gold Adult Women Results Details

Artistic Star 7 ResultsDetails

Artistic Star 5 Results Details

Ice Dance Pre-Novice – Results D2 Details

Pairs JuvenileResults

Pairs Novice- ResultsFree DetailsShort Details

Pairs Pre-Novice – ResultsFree Details Short Details

Junior Men ResultsFree DetailsShort Details

Junior Women ResultsFree DetailsShort Details

Juvenile Women U14 Results Details

Novice Men ResultsFree Details Short Details

Novice Women ResultsFree DetailsShort Details

Pre-Juvenile Women U11 Results Details

Pre-Juvenile Women U13 ResultsDetails

Pre-Novice Men Results Free Details Short Details

Pre-Novice Women Results Free DetailsShort Details

Senior Women ResultsFree DetailsShort Details

Adult Silver Women ResultsDetails

Star 10 Women Results Details

Star 5 Men ResultsDetails

Star 5 Women O13 Results Details

Star 5 Women U13 Results Details

Star 6 Women ResultsDetails

Star 7 Women ResultsDetails

Star 8 Women ResultsDetails

Star 9 Women ResultsDetails

Special Olympics Level 3 Women Results