CanSKATE Coaching Information

There will be a CANSKATE  Coaching course on Friday July 29 to Sunday July 31 in Pownal, PEI

Registration deadline is July 8th.

There will not be a CanSkate Course in Nova Scotia this season.


CanSkate Coach Pathway

All aspiring Skate Canada coaches begin NCCP training at the Learn to Skate level teaching Skate Canada’s flagship program, CanSkate. The coach pathway is represented below. CanSkate Coaches are eligible to coach the CanSkate Program.

Certification Deadline

Coaches have three years from the date of the in-training course to certify as a CanSkate coach.


  • Must be a Skate Canada registrant
  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Must have passed one complete STAR 5 assessment

o   If you do not meet this requirement, please contact your Section Course Administrator for further details on how to take the Club Coach: CanSkate course

In-Training Status

  • Successfully complete the CanSkate Coach Pre-Course Training Module
  • Attend the three-day course including:

o   Successfully pass the on-ice assessment

o   Successfully complete all in-class assignments

Prior to attending the CanSkate course, participants are asked to complete an online pre-course through Skate Canada’s eLearning site. This prepares candidates with a base level of knowledge leading into the course. The three-day CanSkate course introduces participants to the basics of coaching, which includes an introduction to Long Term Athlete Development, Teaching and Learning, Communication, Biomechanics, and all components of the CanSkate program.  Throughout this course, candidates will partake in an interactive learning environment and will reflect on their experiences as a skater and how they can transition into a coach role. Based on the following learning objectives, the CanSkate course will prepare coaches to:

  • Recognize factors that affect learning and relate to the Learn to Skate athlete
  • Relate CanSkate skills to the four biomechanical principles introduced
  • Evaluate CanSkate Skills- recognize errors and strategies to correct the error
  • Identify all components of a CanSkate program and can lead a program with confidence

CanSkate Coach Course Information

The CanSkate course is scheduled and delivered by each Section individually. Frequency of courses are offered by demand- please contact your Section Course Administrator

  • CanSkate pre-course fee: free
  • CanSkate course fee: varies by Section

Trained Status

CanSkate coaches will earn a Trained status once they have completed the three-day coach course and have completed these four multi-sport courses and Locker eLearning:

  • Making Ethical Decisions (multi-sport course)
  • Planning a Practice (multi-sport course)
  • Teaching and Learning (multi-sport course)
  • Coaching Athletes with a Disability (Locker eLearning)

Multi-sport Course Information and Locker eLearning

All multi-sport training is offered in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada through Provincial and Territorial Coaching Representatives. Click here for more information. Locker eLearning is available through your Locker profile.

  • Multi-sport course fee: varies by province/territory

Certified Status

  • Must be a registered Skate Canada Coach in good standing

The CanSkate Certified Evaluation Portfolio provides a platform for coaches to display their ability to coach at the Learn to Skate level. Coaches are encouraged to gain some experience coaching CanSkate or mentor with another coach prior to submitting this portfolio. To assist with coach development, the portfolio consists of the following components:

  • Mentorship interview with the evaluator
  • Coaching philosophy
  • Coaching goals
  • Skater development philosophy
  • Session observations
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • Submission of two technical video lessons at the CanSkate level
  • Warm-up, group activity, cool down plan
  • Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation

Becoming a Certified CanSkate Coach

o   You will be prompted to pay a $105 evaluation fee prior to entry. Please note, this fee is non-refundable. Coaches should enroll in this course only when they are prepared to finish the portfolio in a timely manner (within maximum of two months of enrolling).

Upon enrollment, the following events will take place:

  • The coach will be assigned a coach evaluator by Skate Canada
  • The evaluator will set up a time with the coach to review the portfolio (pre-brief conversation)
  • The coach will complete the portfolio requirements and will notify the evaluator

o   Ensure portfolio is in fillable Portfolio Template

o   Submit for marking (within two months)

  • The evaluator will review the portfolio

o   Please allow four weeks for marking

  • The evaluator will schedule a time with the coach to review the portfolio as well as create an action plan (debrief). The action plan may include additional professional development activities such as eLearning, resubmission of lessons, mentor coach lessons, etc.