As you are all aware unfortunately due to public restrictions the Star 1-5 that was to be held January 15, 2022 was cancelled.  It as felt that as these skaters had already registered, they should have first opportunity to register for the next Star 1-3 competition in Sackville March 12, 2022.  This offer was met with great success as almost all skaters have opted to keep their registration.  Unfortunately, this then mean we cannot open registration for the Star 1-3 Sackville as this event is potentially full.


Skaters with pending registrations will be contacted and given a deadline of February 18 to confirm their attendance.  If a number of skaters cannot attend we will revisit opening registration.


We are very pleased to announce that we have secured a host club for an additional Star 1-3 competition to be hosted by the Mariposa East SC on April 10, 2022 in New Glasgow.  This competition will have registration open to all skaters.  Details with the announcement and registration information will be published within the next few weeks.