Calling all Summer Skaters!!!! – Team Challenge is Back

The Team Challenge is back for the summer and we are looking forward to seeing the creativity of the teams and some great skating.  Submissions can be made at any time throughout the summer and the mixing and matching of skaters for different weeks is encouraged, as we know there is much coming and going of skaters during this time.

Option 1: 

  • Ina Bauer
  • Pivot
  • Forward Spiral Circles

Option 2:

  • Waltz Jump
  • Salchow
  • Flip

Option 3:

  • Axel/Toe Loop Combo
  • Double Loop
  • Lutz

Option 4:

  • Choreo Seq (no spiral)
  • Double Flip
  • Double Double Combo

Option 5:

  • Back Spin
  • Sit Spin
  • Camel Spin

Option 6:

  • Combo Spin with change of foot
  • Flying Spin
  • Upright Spin with Variation


OPTION 7 TAG TEAM ……………….30 second program where the first skater does a jump with connecting steps to the second skater TAG! Second skater does a field movement with connecting steps to the third skater TAG! Third skater does connecting steps into a spin.  Elements are the choice of the skaters.