NEW Covid Update – March 4

As of 8:00 am Friday March 5th things are returning to the new normal, where skating was last week.

Travel within the province is allowed, 60 people are allowed on the ice and spectators are allowed back in the arenas.

Please see below from Sport Nova Scotia for more details and as always check with your facility for their requirements.


COVID-19 Update: March 4, 2021:


Today the Province announced that they would be removing essential travel only in and out of HRM to allow sport competitions and arts performances. Effective tomorrow (Friday, March 5) at 8:00am, participants and officials in performing arts and sports (recreational, amateur and professional) can gather in groups of up to 60 people without social distancing for rehearsals, performances, practices and competitions within their regular competitive schedule.


The number 60 must include everyone on the field of play. This involves the players, coaches, trainers, officials ext.-everyone who would normally be needed if it were a regular practice, game, or competition. The 60-person maximum does not include facility or venue staff required to operate the game or performance safely.  


Recognized businesses and organizations can host events with spectators as long as the host facility has a gathering plan.  A maximum of 150 people will be permitted outdoors, and a maximum of 100 will be permitted indoors. Spectator allowances are subject to facility regulations and venues cannot exceed 50 percent capacity. This number is in addition to athletes/coaches/officials, etc., who can gather in groups of 60 as part of the field of play limit. Please check with your facility to find out about guidelines specific to that venue. 


The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development will reopen public school gyms for after-school use on Saturday, March 6. 


If you have any sport-specific questions, please contact your provincial sport organization, and check with your facility to find out about guidelines specific to that venue. For the most up-to-date information about gathering limits, please visit to the Government of Nova Scotia website. 



Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Press Release: March 4, 2021

Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Gathering Limits

Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Return to Sport Guidelines