March Challenge due APRIL 6th

Skate Canada Nova Scotia has been very please with the response to these Challenges, but we know that there are still some skaters out there that have not had the opportunity to earn a ribbon.

Everyone lets take to the ice and make the March submissions the largest yet……………..February had over 90 teams………….lets break 100!!!!

A tip for those taking the videos: if you are doing them on your phone, the landscape view works much better than the portrait.

 We have an exciting new Option 7 for this month.


OPTION 1                                         OPTION 2                                   OPTION 3

STAR 4 fwd Double 3’s               Waltz Jump                              Axel/Toe Combo

1 Pattern Swing Dance                Salchow                                    Double Salchow.  

STAR 3 Field Movement             Loop                                          Lutz


OPTION 4                                      OPTION 5                                    OPTION 6

Choreo Seq (no spiral)            Back Spin             Combo spin with change of foot

Double Flip                                   Sit Spin                                       Flying Spin

Double Double Combination   Camel Spin             Upright Spin with variations


OPTION 7 TAG TEAM ……………….30 second program where the first skater does a jump with connecting steps to the second skater TAG! Second skater does a field movement with connecting steps to the third skater TAG! Third skater does connecting steps into a spin.  Elements are the choice of the skaters.