Sport Fund COVID-19 – Sport Nova Scotia

Sport Nova Scotia is very excited to announce a new one-time Sport Fund COVID-19 Recovery Grant, intended to help organizations who incurred increased expenses due to the pandemic. Expenses supported through the grant will include COVID-19-related program delivery adaptations such as increased facility rentals, extra equipment, additional coaches/ leadership support, and cleaning materials.  

The current allocation for Sport Fund COVID-19 Recovery Grant is $140,000 province-wide. The maximum ask is $5,000. It is not anticipated that the grant will cover all expenses incurred, however, our hope is to provide a bit of financial relief to help groups continue to contribute to the sport sector and their communities through these difficult times.  


The Sport Fund COVID-19 Recovery Grant criteria is attached. Please note you are required to connect with your regional sport consultant about this process. If an applicant is a member of a provincial sport organization, the provincial sport organization will be contacted directly by the regional sport consultant.