Cleve’s Source for Sports Sportsmanship Award Recipient Announced

Isabelle Dearnaley, Alyssa Cross, and Liam Moffatt are the Cleve’s Source for Sport Sportsmanship Award recipients for February 2021.

Swimmer, Isabelle Dearnaley is a natural-born leader. She’s been instrumental in supporting athletes and providing leadership to senior swim groups. Without being asked, Isabelle gets all athletes together for a team cheer. She is always on her feet encouraging her teammates, and creates an exciting environment during race nights by playing DJ.

Many months spent off ice due to COVID-19 closures couldn’t stop figure skater, Alyssa Cross from competing virtually at the 2021 Skate Canada Challenge. Her steadfastness and get-the-job-done attitude inspires other skaters to keep training as if there is a competition to go to. Alyssa is always there to praise the accomplishments of others as they develop their skills.

Team Canada snowboarder, Liam Moffat keeps team spirit alive on the road by making teammates laugh, creating a fun atmosphere- even during routine COVID-19 nose swabs. His determination was on full display in his search for snow in January. He started in Whistler, B.C. before heading to Europe with the National team. Liam took part in a training camp in Austria to prepare for the World Cup in Italy. His dedication paid off; Liam placed eighth in men’s cross at the World Snowboard Championships in Sweden on February 11.