Skate Canada Nova Scotia’s Growing Pairs Program

Even during this crazy year of COVID pair skaters have managed to come together to advance their skills. What started just a few years ago with 1 pair team has now increased to 12 teams thanks to the innovation and creativity of coaches Charleen Cameron, Joe Jacobsen and John Mattatall.

Many of the boys have come from the hockey community to learn the sport of figure skating. While the learning curve has been steep for them, they have embraced the opportunity  with commitment and passion………….toe picks are now their friend.  Skaters range in age from 8 to 21 and come from many parts of Nova Scotia with 1 from Britain.

Nova Scotia has experienced very few pair teams throughout their history and this is the first time that we can actually say that we have a Pairs Centre or Pairs Community. While competition for these skaters has not been possible for the past year, their skills get better both on an off the ice.  Off ice has been a critical part of their training especially during periods of no ice access due to the pandemic.

It will be exciting to follow their progress as they increase their abilities to execute their elements with consistency and add to their repertoire.


Thanks to Maritime Athletic Profiles for the following video.


Pairs is a discipline of figure skating that is available to anyone.  Skaters can enter a pairs program without changing their home club or their base coach.  Many skaters continue to train in singles while learning pairs as they travel through their skating journey.  If your skater has an interest in learning about or trying pairs we can answer any questions and help you get that started.