SCNS ZOOM Town Hall Meeting

Join us on Tuesday January 19th at 8:00 pm for a ZOOM Town Hall Meeting?


Please reply to an e-mail that was sent to clubs. SCNS would like to know who will be attending from your club as their e-mail is required so that zoom information can be forwarded.


Skate Canada Nova Scotia will be holding a special meeting to deal with the following:


  • Bylaw adoption
  • Club numbers
  • Competitions
  • Assessment Days
  • The COVID Effect
  • Awards


If there are any other topics that you would like covered please send them and they will be added to the agenda, all questions topics are welcome.


The Bylaws can be obtained by clicking Skate Canada Nova Scotia Section Bylaws 29 Sep 2020 . Hopefully, you have an ample chance to go through them.  They have been created and vetted by the Skate Canada Nova Scotia Board and Sport Nova Scotia. Upon the approval of the member clubs they will be submitted to the Registry of Joint Stocks for their acceptance or revisions.


In advance of the meeting could you please submit your club numbers in CanSkate, CanPower, Synchro and STAR/Competitive and if you have a waiting list for any of these programs. Send information to :