Coaches – Professional Development Info

There have been many challenges during this season due to covid.

One thing that is still possible is to get some Professional Development points that are required to be an active Skate Canada Coach in Good Standing.


How to Earn Professional Development Points (see the Skate Canada site for more details)

Events that are organized by CAC, PT/CR, Skate Canada and Skate Canada Sections will earn PD points.


  • NCCP Events                  
  • 5 points per event                                              
  • No maximum points


  • Sport-Specific Non-NCCP Events  
  • 1 point per hour (max. 3 points per event)              
  • No maximum


  • Multi-Sport Non-NCCP Events    
  •  1 point per hour (max. 3 points per event)             
  •  up to 50% of required points


  • Active Coaching                  
  • 1 point per year                                        
  •  3 points per cycle


  • Self-directed Learning    
  •  1 point per hour                                          
  • 3 points per cycle


There are several ways to obtain these, NCCP Multi Sport Courses, Atlantic Podium Performance Webinar Series, the Coaching Association of Canada and Skate Canada on-line learning.

Virtual courses can be registered through 

  • Plan a Practice February 8th & 9th virtual
  • Teaching and Learning February 4th & 5th virtual
  • Design a Basic Sport Program March 4th & 5th virtual
  • Advanced Practice Planning  February 23rd & 24th virtual
  • Prevention and Recovery  February 18th & 19th virtual
  • Developing Athletic Abilities  February 16th & 17th virtual


Atlantic Podium Performance Series  register through

  • Jan 13,     Is Lack of a Nutrition Strategy Resulting in Poor Performance?
  • Jan 26,     The Transgender Experience Part 2
  • Feb 10,     The Business of Coaching
  • Feb 23,     Grief and Processing Due to COVID