November Team Challenge

The November Team Challenge was once again a great success despite the arenas in HRM being closed down before the end of the month.

In October 9 clubs participated which grew to 11 clubs in November. 

Skaters from across the province have been having fun with creative team names and attire and our officials are enjoying watching all the teams as they are missing the rinks too.

All skaters receive a ribbon and they are awarded as  the team, which is assessed as a whole.

Awards are: Amazingly Awesome, Beautifully Brilliant and Consistently Classy and have been awarded to everything from waltz jumps to double axels, sit spins to spirals.

Watch for the January Team Challenge……..coming out soon.


Blue Diamonds


Lightening Fast

Powderpuff Girls

Santa’s Workshop

Shelburne 2

Shelburne Team 1


Team Jessica

Triple Treat