Skate Canada Nova Scotia is launching 4 new opportunities for you to get your videos going and have some fun.

  1. October Team Challenge Event: this fun event (see attached) is designed for skaters of all levels.  Videos can be created on session, with or without team clothes/costumes. Please note that still pictures of the team are welcome with the team name and may be posted on social media (with no names attached), make sure before the picture is submitted that parents are aware of that. HAVE FUN with this and watch for the November Challenge.
  2. DOUBLE AXEL & TRIPLE Jump Wall of Fame, send your video of a double axel or triple jumps (clean) to be recognized on our website as the great accomplishment that it is!
  3. MONITORING, with no competitions happening this fall, but lots of new programs being skated throughout the province our officials would love to see what is happening on the ice.  Videos can be sent or officials can come to you for feedback helping your programs be the best they can be.
  4. ASSESSMENT with HONORS Honor Roll, if you have achieved an assessment with honors please send a copy/photo of your assessment sheet for our newly created HONOR Roll which will be housed on our website.


All of the videos or request for monitoring, for any of the above can be sent to along with the accompanying information, see attached.

Let’s have fun on the ice and show off your skating!!!!