2018-19 Award Nominees

SCNS would like to thank those who submitted nominations for our Annual  Awards.

The adults will be presented their awards at the AGM, Saturday,May 4th 2:00 at the Sackville Sports Stadium.  The skaters will receive their awards at the Celebration On Ice, Saturday, May 4th 7:30 at the Sackville Sports Stadium.

Congratulations to all the nominees. You have all contributed in your own special way to our skating community and the joy of being on the ice. 

All nominees will be recognized .

CanSkate and Program Assistant Awards will be given out to all, with no overall winner.

If  there are persons in your club who have 10 or 20  years of volunteering, they can and should be recognized.  Please let us know who they are and we will invite them to the AGM where they will receive their pin.

2019 Award Nominees List