Test Day Protocol


There are changes to the Test Day Procedures Booklet because of the Coached Assessed Tests and on-line summary sheets.

Below it a link to the Test Day Procedures Booklet.

Remember to ask for your test days 8 weeks in advance and to work with as many clubs in your region as possible in order to make the best use of our evaluators.


Some important highlights of the Test Day Procedure Booklet are:


3 Weeks Before Test Day


  • Email Sheila Beard with your tentative numbers so that evaluators can be contacted for your test day.


2 Weeks Before Test Day


  • Confirm that test envelopes have been given to skaters to be returned to the test chairperson with payment no later than 7 days before the test date


  • Call Sheila Beard sheilabeard@eastlink.cawith the final numbers for your test day (this will allow the Sheila the chance to finalize her evaluator assignments).  Notify Sheila of “unusual tests” i.e., Creative Dance, Cha Cha, Silver Samba, Competitive to ensure appropriate evaluators are available for your test day.


Approximately 1 Week Before Test Day



  • Confirm the start and finish times with your evaluators and ensure evaluators are fully aware of location (directions on how to get there), which tests they will be evaluating, and confirm that they will arrive ½ hour before their first scheduled test. Give the evaluators a phone number for yourself and/or the rink, in case something happens at the last minute.



Day Before Test Day


  • Ensure that all summary sheets and evaluators sheets are completed, along with the applicable test requirements to pass.   (often second sheet or back side of sheet)


  • Call evaluators to remind them of their attendance, time, location/directions and what they are evaluating.  The exchange of cell phone numbers could prove to be very helpful.


Test Day Procedures Dec 2016