Updated COVID Response Plan for Skate Canada Nova Scotia

August 2020 UPDATE:

SCNS has received word from the Province regarding potential changes to the public health regulations as they relate to sport for the fall. Word from the province is, there will be no changes at this time. Given the overall epidemiology, the province will be keeping the current regulations in place. They will be reviewing these regulations again later in September to determine if any changes can be considered at that time.

SCNS realize that this was information that many would need as clubs and coaches prepare for the fall season. SCNS was disappointed as it was hoped that the numbers would be increased for sport as of September, but understand that the decision was made based on science and the best interest of all Nova Scotians.

If any clubs/coaches have questions about returning to the ice, please just ask. Clubs that are not active at this time, please include your facility as you make plans to return to the ice.


July 2020 UPDATE:

The rational for the updates are:

  • That 15 with social distancing seemed to be working well this week and 20 will allow for those who wish to increase their numbers of skaters and/or coaches to do so.

Please remember that the size of your arena or activity and you may wish to leave the number lower and that is fine.

  • As the Province has increased our bubble to Atlantic Canada from Nova Scotia, we are also following those guidelines

Changes are as follows:

  • Maximum 15  20 persons per session with social distancing.
  • No skaters, coaches, volunteers, or parents will participate in club activities/skating sessions if they or a member(s) or their household has travelled outside ofNova Scotia Atlantic Canada in the last 14 days.

If you have any questions at anytime, please just ask.