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REGISTRATION WILL BE LIVE January 3rd to 10th 2020 at All entries must be completed online through the Skate Canada Nova Scotia Uplifter link.  NO late entries will be accepted. NO refunds will be issued. Entry fees are:


$75.00 per skater for STAR 1

$100.00 per skater for STAR 2 & 3 Free Skate

$40.00 per skater for Element Events

$40.00 Team for Team Events, (only 1 member of the team is to register the entire team)

$40.00 Synchro Elements, (only 1 member of the team is to register the synchro team)


Payment by credit card at the time of registration only. Late entries will not be accepted.  Refunds will not be issued. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis, registration will be closed early if maximum numbers are reached.