The Atlantic Regional Synchronized Skating Championships will be taking place this weekend in Liverpool at Queens Place. 

CONFLICTS – If there are any conflicts, please see the Tech Rep Sheila Beard on site. We will be able to work with situations as they arise, especially during Sunday as we will not know the order of skate until suppertime Saturday. 

MEDALS/RIBBONS – Medal/ribbon presentations will be at the conclusion of each day on ice, unless there is reason for a team to leave.  If that is the case, please see  Jill Knowles (who will probably be in the announcers box).

WELCOMING CEREMONIES – The Welcoming Ceremonies will be on ice with dressing rooms being at a premium. We are asking that the skaters put their skates on in the stands unless they are already assigned a dressing room during that time.  There will be a diagram at registration as to where the teams will get on the ice and stand during the short speeches.



Start Orders


Please find below the announcement for the Atlantic Regional Synchro Championships and Team Summary Form.

Below is the registration information taken from the announcement.


The closing date for entries is Sunday December 17th 2017 All entries must be completed online through the Skate Canada Nova Scotia Uplifter link.


Registration process, click “login” on the top right-hand corner of the page.  Follow the first time registering for the TEAM.  The following information is required: e-mail address of the Team Manager or Team Contact Person, e-mail addresses, First Name is the Home Club, Last Name is Team Name.  Once you have set up your profile go to the registration. Click on the word Registration above the Skate Canada Scotia Nova photo for the registration page.  The Synchro Team Form sent with this announcement needs to be completed and returned by January 1st 2018.


Make cheques or etransfer, dated no later than 19th December 2017, payable to Skate Canada Nova Scotia.  No cheque dated after 19th December 2017 will be accepted.  Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the Tech Rep.  Refunds will not be issued. NSF or returned cheques will be charged an additional $25.00.  Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis.


E-transfer must be sent to:  E-mail

Security Question: “Where is this competition being held” Answer: “Liverpool”

In the Message please include the Team’s name as it appears on the application.  Please print or record the confirmation number for your records.

 Cheques payable to Skate Canada Nova Scotia and send to 5516 Spring Garden Road 4th Floor Halifax, NS B3J 1G6 with the team’s name and category included.


Atlantic Synchro Competition 2018

Synchro Team Summary Form